Financial Policy
We are committed to providing you the best chiropractic care available in a friendly and caring environment. Our financial policy helps us achieve that goal. Payment is expected at the time of each service. To simplify payment, we have a range of weekly and monthly payment plans, as well as, individual and family health care plans. These plans allow us to focus on personal care each visit and business on a regular schedule.

Health Insurance
Some insurance policies do cover chiropractic care. For people with such policies, we provide the necessary information on our receipts so that each person may file their own insurance claim. We will provide needed assistance in filing these claims. Additional reports that may be requested by the insurance company will be provided for a small clerical fee. For ease of record keeping, insurance receipts are provided on a weekly basis. (Medicare is the only exception to this insurance policy.) Allowing our clients to file their own insurance claims, helps us focus on health care at a reduced cost.

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