Here's what some of our patients had to say

Meet Kim Mitchell
When Kim had her first appointment here on May 25, 2005, she couldn't sleep at night, walk or stand for any length of time, and was unable to drive a car because of the continuous pain. She tried over the counter pain relievers desperate for relief. Kim described the pain as worse than giving birth to a child. After being adjusted for just 1 1/2 weeks she was back to leading a completely normal life and recommends Chiropractic to everyone she knows. Kim says; "Try getting adjusted, let your body live and feel like it's supposed to. Don't be scared it's the most wonderful feeling when you see the results for yourself. I would recommend it to anyone not just because your in pain, but to let your body live and be healthy. When the pain starts that usually is the last step in the body to let you know something is wrong."

Nancy Franklin - Galveston

Dr. Dillman has been able to break the cycle of pain that was causing me a great deal of misery. Over the last few years, stress would cause my back and neck muscles to tense which would lead to headaches. The muscular pain and headaches would interfere with restful sleep which would increase my stress levels. Analgesics, anti-inflammatory medications, sleep aids etc. didn't come close to easing my discomfort. Regular adjustments have broken the cycle. I am grateful to Dr. Dillman for the help, Thanks so much

Bev Ramer
My pain started while I was working at Penny's in 1998. I was having pain in the arch of my left foot, which caused me to compensate by pulling things to my right side. This caused a nagging pain in my right hip that went half way down my right leg. I had tried several things to elevate the pain: surgery for my foot, several kinds of medicine, physical therapy exercises, and ultra sound waves to relax the muscles. But nothing helped to get rid of the pain. I couldn't bend without a lot of pain. It was hard to put on clothes, tie shoes, and do the simplest chores that involved bending. I tried to avoid any activity that involved bending.
Then my friend Karan asked me if I had thought of trying a chiropractor. I had considered going to a chiropractor, but didn't know who to go to. I wasn't sure it would work for me. She mentioned Dillman Chiropractic. She knew Matt and that made me feel better about trying a chiropractor. It didn't take very long before I felt some relief. The pain was getting better with each visit. It took a year before the pain really subsided and now I go every other week just to stay in alignment. It always makes me feel better after I have an adjustment. Now, I don't worry about bending and doing the things I loved to do. As a matter of fact, I have helped one of my daughters remodel her kitchen. I painted and stained new baseboards and doors. I would have never considered doing this a couple of years ago, but now I'm even getting ready to help my other daughter to remodel her kitchen. It is great to be able to move and enjoy life again. Thanks Matt!!

Denise Renkenberger
I started out as a 5' 5" young woman who over the years had taken on the problems of the world across my shoulders until I was 4' 11". I found I had nothing to do on Wednesday afternoons, and because I love the company of the office staff, I began hanging around Dr. Dillman's office. Through intensive care each week Doc has brushed away the world and aligned me back to at least, 5' 41/2". (I don't know what happened to the other 1/2 ".) Truthfully though, alignment has eased my neck, hip, back, & knee pain and allowed me to carry more of the world a lot easier.

Becky Abney
I used to have a lot of neck pain, also lower back pain. Sometimes hard to bend over or pull my jeans up as I couldn't lift my feet from pain. Dr. Dillman keeps me adjusted every two weeks after my initial start of my program. With his exercises, adjustments, and my care of lifting, I have very few spells of lower back problems and no neck troubles. Thank you Dr. Dillman for your good care and reasonable rates.

Kathy Ferge
Going to the chiropractor has made doing the job I do so much easier. I have to do a lot of lifting and getting Chiropractic care every week has helped me to keep my back from so much pain. I can be on my feet longer since I've been going on a regular basis. I also walk 3-4 miles a day, something I couldn't do before because of the pain. I have seen and felt many improvements. I will continue with my care so I can continue feeling even better. I would recommend Chiropractic care for anyone that wants a healthier lifestyle.

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